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GraphQL is getting more popular each day among React developers. It is said to be making front-end development convenient and resilient. The community is building client and server side tools each day for making GraphQL easy to use. Hasura brings us a GraphQL engine that gives GraphQL APIs over Postgres database. Lets know more about it from Rishi who is an engineer at Hasura.

#22 - The Phoenix Project

September 18, 2018
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The other day I got to watch a few talks from JSConf Asia 2018 on Youtube. There are 39 of them in the playlist, so I picked a random one. And I got so lucky I just had to make this episode about it! The talk was “In the Loop” by Jake Archibald.

Jake is developer advocate for Google Chrome. He’s one of the editors of the service worker spec, so he’s into offline-first, push messaging and web performance.

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