#8 - pnpm

pnpm - fast, disk space efficient package manager, drop-in replacement for npm.

#7 - Amsterdam, PWA, RealWorld, Prepack


  • React Amsterdam 2017
  • Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps written in React, Preact, Svelte, Vue, Angular and viperHTML
  • TodoMVC for the RealWorld™ — Exemplary fullstack Medium.com clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more
  • Prepack - a tool for making JavaScript code run faster.


#6 - Runtyper

Analyzing React’s Source Code for Type Mismatch Operations with a new Babel plugin: Runtyper.

#5 - Idiomatic Redux

Mark Erikson, one of Redux contributors, has published an article in his Idiomatic Redux series: “The Tao of Redux, Part 1 - Implementation and Intent.” Thoughts on what Redux requires, how Redux is intended to be used, and what is possible with Redux.

#4 - Preact

Preact - Fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API. My experience.

#3 - React 15.5 and news

React 15.5 released, Andrew Clark‏ on reactiflux, React London 2017, Twitter mobile PWA, codesandbox.io

#2 - JSX 2.0

The next version of JSX proposals.

#1 - React Fiber

React Fiber is an ongoing reimplementation of React’s core algorithm. It is the culmination of over two years of research by the React team.